Diary Entry 03011901

I’m prepared to accept without more than a quibble or two that there is out there a single reality that neither I nor anyone else ever grasps except very imperfectly.

On the other hand, I regard it as both real and fundamental that all of us inhabit cultural “realities” we accumulate from the people and places and institutions around us that profoundly affect our words and actions throughout our lives.

In particular, these imprinted worldviews exert strong and even overpowering gravitational force in politics, shaping our allegiances to parties and candidates.

I doubt this will strike anyone as revelatory. But we ought to bear firmly in mind as we go about the business of healing the republic of the wounds inflicted by Trump and the modern GOP that he and they are among the savvy exploiters of the reality of imprinted worldviews, appealing subtly or baldly to them to maintain power.