Enough is Enough

The Framers gave us more than one way to protect the republic from a Chief Executive who has shown himself to be dangerously unfit for the office. In less than two months, a door will open to one of those ways.

When I vote — and I’m returning from a long stay in Ireland to vote in person — I won’t be voting because I’m a loyal soldier for the Democratic National Committee. I’m not. I’m a center-left moderate generally more in tune with what Democrats propose than with what Republicans propose, in no small measure because the Republican Party has collapsed into a dense, unreflective mass of demonstrably wrong economic ideas, knee-jerk dismissal of government social programs, and an addiction to the votes of the bigots among us.

When I vote, I’ll be voting with one objective — to help ensure that the Congress of the United States begins in 2019 to do its job, serving as an effective counterweight to the grotesqueries that pass for governance in the Trump regime.

At the outset of all this, I thought naively that the Hill GOP would police Trump. But that hasn’t happened. The Hill GOP has been content to let the madness run loose in return for Trump’s signing pen on idiotic legislation such as the “tax cut.”

So I’m going to vote for every Democrat I can find on my ballot. I won’t consider voting “for the person,” because the GOP party discipline on the Hill means that a vote for any Republican is a vote for what the GOP has been doing for two years under Trump.

So let’s vote. Let’s put the opposition in charge of both houses of Congress if we can. Enough is enough.