He’s No McCain

[Mitch] McConnell acknowledged McCain as a “generational leader in the Senate.” McConnell said that McCain represented all the values the Capitol stands for. But what does McConnell stand for? He has accommodated Trump, ignoring or rationalizing his worst behavior. McConnell personally destroyed the comity in the Senate by denying Judge Merrick Garland a hearing and then extinguishing the filibuster for Supreme Court justices. He has refused to protect the rule of law by preventing a bill protecting the special counsel from reaching the floor. In short, he … is everything McCain is not, and has presided over the very changes in the Senate that McCain despised. McCain, with all his soul, cared for and fought for the Constitution, the dignity of all men and women and the basic values we hold dear. McConnell cares about power, ready to enable Trump at every turn. There is no principle for him beyond winning.

— Jennifer Rubin, Three men unfit to eulogize John McCain, Washington Post, August 31, 2018.

Donor Enthralled GOP

The Republican Party’s largest shareholders don’t want novel answers to public problems — they want to maximize the returns on their political investments. This leaves the GOP incapable of offering voters credible solutions to contemporary challenges, and thus, requires them to lean on “visceral issues” (a.k.a. white racial panic) to retain and mobilize a mass base. And you don’t need policy wonks to make aging white people feel aggrieved and alienated by intimations of demographic change — racist reality stars are more than capable of fulfilling that function.

— Eric Levitz, The GOP Has No New Ideas Because Elderly Billionaires Own Its Brain, New York Magazine, August 30, 2018.