98 Days

If you’ve had quite enough of Trump and his GOP enablers, you’ll have an opportunity finally, 98 days from today, to use the only real power you have to oppose the madness — the vote. In fact, you might not have to wait 98 days. If you have access to early voting, your opportunity to help heal the republic will arrive sooner.

Trump, of course, won’t be on the ballet. But his bootlicks and the hacks who’ve ignored his outrageous unfitness in order to pass tax breaks for their high-roller buddies and to clear the way for the criminalization of abortion will be there. Vote against them. All of them. They constitute a monolithic “no” to policing Trump and to pragmatic moderation in governance.

Vote for the young, energetic, patriotic Democrats who’ve decided, despite the costs, to enter the political fray during a period of wretched polarization.